Sell us your keys!

We are always in search of the rare and hard to find…but…(there’s always one of those!)

Please understand that key blanks are expensive to ship (from you to us) due to their material makeup. When we buy blanks, we supply you with a call tag. A small shipment of 200 blanks easily runs $10-$15 using a service that can be traced. Right away we’re looking at 8 cents per blanks for shipping.

We stock over a million keys currently. 80% of those will be here in ten years (remember, we buy the hard to find and slow movers!). Obviously if your blanks were popular they would have been cut and sold already.

We sell most discontinued blanks for $5, occasionally more depending on our stock levels. That’s a good profit of course for a blank that sold in 1940 for a nickel, but that same nickel would have been worth over a hundred dollars 80 years later just to keep things in perspective.

We are happy to discuss a buyout of your excess old inventory but please keep the above items in mind when contacting us about selling old keys.  989-354-5623