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When ordering you will be able to see our stock levels on each item. You will be able to order more than what we have in stock – when doing so we will order in the additional items for you and ship when available. A separate shipping charge will apply to the additional order. You can also send us your request for additional keys by email bluedogkeys@framon.com. For orders above the “in stock” threshold, we will contact you before shipping the additional keys to confirm you have no other needs at that time.


Blue Dog Keys only sells to locksmith and security companies

  • We consider BlueDog as a secondary source to your regular Locksmith wholesaler. Our target market is the professional Locksmith who needs access to keyblank inventory and research which may not be readily available from their regular sources. We specialize in the odd and the hard to find, the slow movers and the neglected, the orphans and the obtuse, the small quantities and all other (expensive) rare blanks.

Mailbox Keys

We have a large selection of mailbox keys

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