About BlueDog

We consider BlueDog as a secondary source to your regular Locksmith wholesaler. Our target market is the professional Locksmith who needs access to keyblank inventory and research which may not be readily available from their regular sources. We specialize in the odd and the hard to find, the slow movers and the neglected, the orphans and the obtuse, the small quantities and all other (expensive) rare blanks.


-Blue Dog Keys only sells to locksmith and security companies-

We stock almost every active Ilco non-transponder blank and thousands of inactive numbers!
At this time we do not have them all pictured on our website but rest assured, “Yeah We Got That!”.



Separate from the blanks and keys listed in this catalogue:
Blue Dog strives to carry every key blank in the Ilco catalog.
Ilco produces a Locksmith Price List for blanks (download your copy here). Every key blank has a Suggested Dealer price.
If you buy a box of blanks we charge Suggested Dealer price. We add ten cents per blank to break a box, and an additional ten cents per blank to break a ten pack.

We never have a minimum per blank.

We do have a minimum shipping charge of $10.
You can fax your order to 989-354-4238, e-mail to sales@framon.com,
or phone your order in to 989-354-5623.
We know you have a choice.
Thank you for choosing Blue Dog.

“Please note that the links below go to catalogs that were produced in 2009 and 2015. They are for reference only. While many of the part numbers in the catalog are still available, many are not. We will make every effort to fill any order or find an acceptable substitute in the case of a discontinued key. Prices shown in catalogs below are NOT current, see pricing above or call for current pricing.”

Blue Dog Keys Catalog

Blue Dog Keys Bit and Barrel Catalog

Blue Dog Keys Luggage Catalog

Please click HERE for FAX order form. Please note new fax

number is 989-354-4238.



If you are having difficulty locating a key blank, e-mail a clean, clear copy of the blank you are looking for. Provide as much detail as you know, including a cross-section of the key. Our Key Detective will respond by e-mail.